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La Palabra Hablada Es La Simiente Original | Associate Pastor Carlos E. Torres

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with a mission to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ

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People think that when a man starts to get up, he gets up at once. No, but he has had many failures, but the key to that man is that he does not see the failures, he does not look back, he looks forward to obtain victory. That is what man must do.

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1978-1231 - Forgetting To Obtain The Prize | Apostle Pastor Bernie G. Garcia

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A Christian Home #2
Apostle Pastor Bernie G. Garcia
The Voice of Restoration Inc.


See what God can do through you

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Our Daily Bread

Listen, any birth is a mess, I don’t care whether it is in a pigpen, or where it is at, it is a mess, any birth, and so is the new birth, it will—it will make you do things that you didn’t think you would ever do, but it brings Life, and before you can have Life, you have to have death. Before a seed can reproduce itself, it’s got to die in order, and not only die, but it’s got to rot, in order to get new life out of it, it’s got to die and rot in itself. And so does every sinner. Every man, no matter how highly he’s educated, and how much he is polished, how many degrees he has in the church, or so forth, how many of these things, how many colleges he is educated out of, he has got to die to his own theory, he has got to die to himself, he has got to die to everything to be reborned again by the Holy Ghost.

62-1123 The Way Back | WMB


Sundays Starting at 10:15 AM & 6:15PM - Thursdays Starting at 7:15 PM

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Quem é DignoAssociate Pastor Carlos E. Torres
00:00 / 50:23
Testifiquemos do que Está em NósPastor Dr. Ernest R. Montoya
00:00 / 52:06
Una Vez con Jesucristo | Tabernaculo La PazPastor Dr. Ernest R. Montoya & Minister Daniel Aguilera
00:00 / 1:57:39
El Plan Completo De Redención #1 | Tabernaculo ArequipaMinisters Daniel Aguilera & Eliseo Moreno
00:00 / 40:04
El Plan Completo De Redención #2 | Tabernaculo ArequipaPastor Dr. Ernest R. Montoya & Ministers Daniel Aguilera, Eliseo Moreno
00:00 / 1:30:11
El Plan Completo De Redención #3 | Tabernaculo ArequipaMinisters Daniel Aguilera & Eliseo Moreno
00:00 / 1:03:25

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