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Live with Vision

Abraham Lincoln didn’t know that he was going to be president of the United States. He didn’t know he would free slaves from their bondage. He didn’t know his wisdom would have an effect for centuries to come. How could a farm boy from Kentucky do all of that without knowing what his life would entail? Because he lived with vision and got up did his best.

Sometimes, all you need is a clearly defined, achievable goal to work toward to feel fulfilled. You might complain sometimes, “I’m not accomplishing much”, but really you are always working toward something if you are a Believer. God has a purpose for every second of your life and He has a vision to prosper you and make you strong in the faith. Someday we must give an account for the time that God has given us. Perhaps what you end up doing, or are currently doing, won’t be anything like you dream up and imagine. Perhaps it might not be as “important” as you might want it to be. But God has something special for you to do and you have to work toward His vision.

Abraham Lincoln gave his best in all he set out to do. One day, he found that doing his very best and God’s vision for his life had gotten him all the way to the White House. Sometimes, all that is required is to just do the best you can do at whatever you are currently doing and trust God to open the doors. And sometimes, we need a little more courage to walk through them.

God has purposed His Believers to show His glory and power to the earth. Live for that purpose. Live for Him. Go and fight for something. Don’t just lay around, but go and fight for God’s vision.



William M. Branham

65-0206 - "Doors In Door"

One of the greatest Presidents I think the nation ever had was Lincoln. Not because that he come from Kentucky, but because he was a great man. He was deprived of an education, but yet was something in his heart, some purpose. I like a man of vision. I like people that's got something they're fighting for, just not just lay around, "Well, ever what comes along will be all right." Oh, be up and at it! And Lincoln never let his education stand in the way; he had something to do. I think every Christian ought to be that way, find your purpose and go do it. Every member of this chapter, just not, "Well, we have a breakfast once a month," that isn't it, "or once every Saturday." Have a purpose in life, something you're going to do. God has placed you here; do something about it, every member of every church.

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